About me:

Hello and thanks for reading – I’m EK Neale, also known as Kate. I am a PhD student based at Cardiff University’s School of Music and co-supervised at the Institute of Cornish Studies at the University of Exeter.

Kate Neale with some of her Cornish Christmas Carol Books from AustraliaI grew up in Cornwall and after college I took two gap years before attending Cardiff University to study a BA in English Literature and Music, and an MA in Ethnomusicology. I finished my MA in 2011 and took another break from university, working back in Cornwall in a media company for two years. My partner and I then decided that we needed an adventure before pursuing our next steps – he towards teaching and I towards a PhD – and so we took a 1,000 mile cycle tour through Spain and Portugal, which was fabulous.

In March 2014 we moved to London where my partner works in a sixth form school, and in October 2014 I started my full time PhD supported by the SWW DTP. A full description of my PhD thesis is here, and you can read my full academic biographies on either my Cardiff University or profiles.

About the blog:

I set up this website to tie all my various profiles into one place, and serve as an introduction to my research interests. The blog is an outlet for me as I go through the PhD process; posts include interesting topics and tangents that I come across in the course of my research, my take on relevant news stories and other publications, and about the PhD process itself. When I started my PhD I did a lot of searching for blogs written by doctoral students and was really inspired by all the researchers who manage to find time to write on the side – about the good and bad parts of PhD life and their topics. Despite our disparate fields there is a lot of common ground and it’s good to feel that you’re not alone in your own private PhD-universe – there are others out there too!

As such, the writing here shouldn’t be regarded as academic writing; rather, it’s my way of separating my academic and non-academic writing. Hopefully this will open up debate and discussion, so if you do go on to read my blog entries, any feedback – either on style, subject matter or anything else- would be very welcome.

Finally, all views expressed on this website are my own, and do not reflect the views of any of the institutions or schemes my work is associated with.

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